2018 was an extremely pivotal year for me due to the reason that I spent the majority of it at university – the second semester of my first year and the first semester of my second year – which allowed me to grow as a person. I became more independent but simultaneously became closer to … More WHAT 2018 TAUGHT ME


Set during the Second World War, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys is an emotional, heartwarming story following thousands of refugees in East Prussia trying to escape to freedom on the Wilhelm Gustloff ship. The story of our main characters, Joana (a Lithuanian nurse), Emilia (a young Polish girl), Florian (a Prussian solider), and … More SALT TO THE SEA REVIEW


Truthwitch is the first novel in Susan Dennard’s fantasy series, The Witchlands, which follows best friends Safiya and Iseult. Safiya is a Truthwitch, meaning she can determine what’s true and what’s false. This is an extremely powerful magic that people are willing to kill for in order to be able to use it to their … More TRUTHWITCH REVIEW


“A host of co-dependent teens with a battery of psychological issues comb rural Virginia for a dead Welsh king with dubious magical powers. Trees talk; hitmen put down roots; dead people live; living people die. Cars are described in loving detail. Fuckweasel. A house full of psychics tells everybody the future and drinks a lot … More THE RAVEN BOYS REVIEW